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The Shealtiel Family Worldwide

Welcome to all Shealtiels, however spelt. Welcome also to members of the familes descended from our common ancestors, including the Charlaps, who separated from the Shealtiels in the 1000s; and the Gracians or Hens who separated from the Shealtiels in the 1300s.

The name Shealtiel is Hebrew and commonly translated as "asked of God". It is first recorded in the Bible as the name of a son of the last King of Judea. Much of the family remains Jewish, but we embrace people of all colours and creeds. Today, our family numbers approximately 2500 people, with over six hundred households in thirty nations—and we're still finding more.

The Family at the Madrid Reunion

Madrid Family Reunion 2018

The Family held their last worldwide reunion in Madrid, Spain in April 2018.

Many family members attended and there was an exciting programme of events with guided excursions to places of historic interest. It was a great opportunity to meet old friends and experience  great food and entertainment with a Spanish flavour.

To find out more click here for our Reunion page
Open-Close SectionThe Shealtiel Name
The Shealtiels have a traditional claim of descent from the Biblical King David. The name first occurs in the Bible and subsequently in 1097, when it appears on the earliest Jewish tombstone to be found in Spain.

The name appears in the records of Aragon (north-eastern Spain) until the Jews were expelled in 1492. After the 1390s, the family is found first throughout the Mediterranean and then in Europe and eventually wherever Europeans have settled. 
The most common alternative spellings are Salathiel (though this sometimes comes directly from the Bible), Salatiel, Saltel (click for the family’s web page), Saltell, , Saltial, Saltiel, Saltiél, Schaltiel, Scialtiel, Scieltiel, Sealthiel, Sealtiel, Sealtiël, Seltiel, Shaaltiel, Shalltell, Shaltiel, Shaltieli, Shealthiel, Shealtiel, Sjaltiel and Sjealtiel. Derivations include Chaaltiel, Chaltel, Challtelli, Chaltiel, Chartiel, Cheltiel, Saltelli, Saltellus, Salter (though this is generally unconnected with our family), Saltijeral, von Saltiel and Xaltiel.