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Shealtiel Family

The Shealtiels have a traditional claim of descent from the Biblical King David. The name first occurs in the Bible and subsequently in 1097, when it appears on the earliest Jewish tombstone to be found in Spain.

The name appears in the records of Aragon (north-eastern Spain) until the Jews were expelled in 1492. After the 1390s, the family is found first throughout the Mediterranean and then in Europe and eventually wherever Europeans have settled.

The most common alternative spellings are Salathiel (though this sometimes comes directly from the Bible), Salatiel, Saltel (click for the family’s web page), Saltell, , Saltial, Saltiel, Saltiél, Schaltiel, Scialtiel, Scieltiel, Sealthiel, Sealtiel, Sealtiël, Seltiel, Shaaltiel, Shalltell, Shaltiel, Shaltieli, Shealthiel, Shealtiel, Sjaltiel and Sjealtiel. Derivations include Chaaltiel, Chaltel, Challtelli, Chaltiel, Chartiel, Cheltiel, Saltelli, Saltellus, Salter (though this is generally unconnected with our family), Saltijeral, von Saltiel and Xaltiel.